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Our First Aid Services

Sanokil offers high-quality First Aid Services, providing companies with peace of mind knowing that their staff are in good hands. With a range of first aid kits available to meet national regulatory requirements, Sanokil ensures that its clients are always prepared for any potential workplace incidents. Trust Sanokil for reliable and efficient first-aid solutions.

First Aid Services

Sanokil can take the hassle out of remaining compliant with Workplace Health and Safety regulations with our serviced first aid kits and consumables.

Washroom Services

From sanitary disposal to air fresheners and soap dispensers, Sanokil has everything you need to provide a great washroom experience.

Online Store

Sanokil can provide your toilet paper and hand towel on subscription. We also provide hand dryers, change tables and life saving defibrillator devices.


Safety is Paramount in Any Workplace.

As much as we can utilise safe working procedures, incidents are unfortunately always a possibility in the workplace. It is crucial that quality first aid kits be available on the premises for the safety of staff and to meet national regulatory requirements.


Why customers choose us

Eco-Friendly Services

We provide an environmentally friendly, safe and discreet first aid service to all our customers.

Customised Quality Service

We care & tailor our services to your individual business operations - from monitoring service frequency, assessing washroom requirements & discussing appropriate timing of service visits.

Real People Guarantee

Our well-trained staff will ensure that your washroom are maintained to the highest hygienic standards, while our range of female sanitary bins and other hygiene equipment is modern & stylish.

Timely Reliable Visits

We understand sanitary services better than anyone in Australia, so we know the importance of fast response times when you need it most. Nothing is too much trouble for the team at Sanokil.


Sanokil’s Commitment to Service

At Sanokil, service is our business. We pride ourselves on delivering the best first aid services in Australia. We guarantee total commitment to safety.


First Aid Coverage

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